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Leather Dining Chairs Prove Elegance Is Timeless

Chairs are of many different types, shapes, sizes, styles, materials and colors and each has its own set of special characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Leather dining room chairs form an interesting category. Furniture with leather upholstery is generally perceived as elegant and more formal compared to the fabric kind. Similarly, wood dining chairs are generally less casual-looking than those made of plastic. In this article we’re focusing on classic and contemporary dining chairs that use leather to look elegant and stylish.

With Lou Eat, Philippe Starck encourages us to think of this elegant leather dining chair more in terms of a sculpture that could come to life at any moment than just a static piece of furniture. The chair is part of the Lou family, being the most versatile item in the collection.

With a structure made of solid ash wood and a shell made of two interlocking upholstered parts, the Doa dining chair is neither too simple nor too complicated. Its design is just right, perfect for dining rooms of all kinds. The leather upholstery gives the chair a bit of extra flair while the rest is meant to keep it versatile.

The Tonietta chair was designed by Enzo Mari in 1985. It’s a lightweight and very simple-looking chair with a round seat and a small leather-upholstered backrest attached to a thin frame made of polished or black-painted aluminum.

If you’re looking for a set of leather dining chairs that balance out looks, quality, eco-friendlyness and cost in a way that’s effective, you should check the range of models offered by Dan-Form. The designs are simple and inspired by classics which they reinterpret in a modern manner that allows them to stay timeless.

This is the Dartagnan chair, a piece of furniture that’s as simple as it is daring. The frame of this unusual armchair is made of solid walnut with a version in oak also available and the seat is made of leather. The design is eye-catching and sculptural and the chair itself is both comfortable and versatile enough to look great in a lot of different settings.

In 2011 Roberto Lazzeroni introduced the Ginger easy chair. Its design is simple and refined, featuring a frame made of rigid, high-density moulded polyurethane padded in foam and upholstered using a single layer of leather. It comes in two color options and with a swivel or a fixed base. It’s perfect both as an office chair or a dining room piece.

Dining room chairs such as Avery are simple enough to let something else be the center of attention but also classy enough to make the room look refined and elegant. You can get this chair both with and without armrests and the seat and backrest can be upholstered in fabric or leather which you can supply yourself for a unique and custom look.

La Francesa is a chair that has a design which we find satisfying and inspiring. We like how the backrest smoothly wraps around the sides of the seats and curves gently, almost as if meant to form built-in armrests which, by the way, are missing. The ash legs complement the leather seat perfectly.

The thing we love most about the Marcel chair is the fluid and continuous form of the wooden frame and the way in which it incorporates the backrest and gives its design an unexpected twist without transforming it too much. The design is based on the beauty and warmth of wood which are showcased in a very respectful way.

You can use the Felidae chair as an elegant accent piece for the living room, a stylish seat for the office or as an element that complements your dining room table by bringing in color and a striking silhouette. The chair has a frame made of solid walnut wood with a satin finish and the seat, back and armrests are upholstered in leather.

These are the Grace and Sophie chairs. They’re both defined by graceful and elegant silhouettes and delicate forms which catch the eye in a pleasing way. The seat gently envelops the sides of the seat, forming a simplified version of the usual armrest concept. The solid legs complete the design on a strong note.

Few chairs take advantage of the materials used in their design as good as the Seattle series. This chair is designed byJean-Marie Massaud and looks very lightweight which allows it to look great in open and airy settings. Its design has been perfected to enhance the unique qualities of the leather which covers the frame. The result is a rich and sculptural dining chair with a lot of character.

We’re big fans of timeless and classic furniture and designs that never get old or become outdated. One such piece is DU 30, a chair designed by Gastone Rinaldi in 1953. The chair’s seat is a steel mesh shell covered in moulded polyurethane foam padding and the legs are made of bent welded iron tubing and are attached to a panel installed under the shell.

Whether you use it in the living room, the office or the dining room, the Louise chair will look right at home thanks to its versatile and elegant design. Both the chair and armchair version have framed made of solid ash and beech wood, spring made with elastic belts and polyurethane foam padding. The leather upholstery featured horizontal stitching all around.

Simplicity and refinement a lot of times go hand in hand. Such is the case with this leather dining chair from the Ipanema collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. It’s a modern piece with a design that’s lightweight, practical, comfortable and stylish.

This is Dumbo, a chair with a playful and quirky name inspired by its unusual forms, more exactly the pair of backrest cushions which are meant to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic position. The seat is also soft and comfortable and upholstered in synthetic leather and the frame is made of stained ash wood.

With or without armrests, the Tosca chair is an elegant addition to any living room, dining area, meeting and pretty much any other space that needs it. The frame is available in three oak options and the upholstery can be fabric,synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather or soft leather.

The Rimini chair is a special piece. Its sled base makes it stand out from other similar chairs and also gives it a very casual and laid-back look. The tubular frame is made of coper and the seat and backrest are attached to it with clamps. The leather and copper combo is intriguing and unusual.

Speaking of casual and laid-back designs, there’s also another cool chair calledBolia which fits into the same category. Its frame is made of wood and the seat and backrest are a single sheet of leather draped over the frame and attached in key areas. The simplicity of the design is meant to put en emphasis on the materials used.

The Ambra chair is yet another example that proves simplicity and beauty are timeless. This chair is also extremely versatile. Its armless design and comfortable seat and backrest complemented by a thin frame allow it to look equally elegant and stylish in dining rooms, living spaces and even bedrooms and offices.

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Students build a low-cost yet high-quality sustainable home from recycled materials

Affordable and sustainable housing is possible-and Studio 804’s many projects are proof. Working together with University of Kansas architecture students, Studio 804 produced their latest design/build project, called 1330 Brook Street, in a working-class neighborhood in the city of Lawrence. As with their previous projects, the energy-efficient home is designed with LEED standards in mind and makes use of passive solar strategies to save on energy.

The three-bedroom, two-bath home…

Studio Libeskind’s Canadian National Holocaust Monument Opens in Ottawa

 Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

The Studio Libeskind-designed Canadian National Holocaust Monument has opened to the public in Ottawa, honoring the millions of innocent men, women and children who were murdered under the Nazi regime and recognize those survivors who were able to eventually make Canada their home.

Located on a .79 acre site across from the Canadian War museum, the cast-in-place concrete monument evokes the form of the 6-pointed star of David, deconstructed to create an experiential environment laced with symbolism throughout.

 Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

The star remains the visual symbol of the Holocaust a symbol that millions of Jews were forced to wear by the Nazi’s to identify them as Jews, exclude them from humanity and mark them for extermination, explain the architects. The triangular spaces are representative of the badges the Nazi’s and their collaborators used to label homosexuals, Roma-Sinti, Jehovah’s Witnesses and political and religious prisoners for murder.

Two ground planes establish symbolic and circulatory paths through the structure: an ascending plane that points to the future; and a descending plane leading to the contemplative interior spaces. Specific program pieces are located within the six concrete triangles, including an educational interpretation space describing the history of Canada and the Holocaust, three individual spaces for contemplation, a central gathering space, and the cathedral-like Sky Void containing the eternally-burning Flame of Remembrance.

 Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

Murals by Edward Burtynsky feature on the walls of each triangular space, transporting visitors to the haunting landscapes of Holocaust sites. Gesturing toward the nearby Parliament Buildings, the Stair of Hope takes visitors from the central gathering space to the upper plaza. Surrounding the monument, a rocky landscape dotted with coniferous trees will evolve as the structure ages, representing the passing of time and the contribution of Canadian survivors to the culture and society of modern-day Canada.

It is extremely meaningful to have been able to design and realize this monument with an incredible team, said architect Daniel Libeskind.

This monument not only creates a very important public space for the remembrance of those who were murdered in the Holocaust, but it also serves as a constant reminder that today’s world is threatened by anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry. Canada has upheld the fundamental democratic values of people regardless of race, class or creed, and this national monument is the expression of those principles and of the future.

 Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

Doublespace. Courtesy of Studio Libeskind

Studio Libeskind was selected to design the projectin an international competition between top architecture firms. See the 6 shortlisted designs,here.

Find more information about the National Holocaust Monument here.

Libeskind Selected to Design Canadian National Holocaust Monument

Daniel Libeskind’s ” elongated Star of David” has been announced today, the architect’s 67th birthday, as the winner of an international design competition for Canada’s National Holocaust Monument. Selected from a shortlist of six, the winning “Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival” monument is expected to be constructed in the Canadian capital of Ottawa on the corner of Wellington and Booth Streets sometime next year.


This Is the Stupidest Mistake You Can Make at Trader Joe’s

It’s hard to go wrong at Trader Joe’s with so many solid and affordable options, but there is one mistake you could be making without even realizing it. If you’re not asking to try products before you buy them, you could end up wasting a lot of money on groceries in the long run. Yep, that’s right – Trader Joe’s has a “try before you buy” policy! In addition to its generous return policy, the store has a policy that allows customers to try just about anything that they’re unsure about buying. This includes snacks, produce, and ready-made foods like salads, sushi, and cheese.

I spoke to an employee at my local store and he confirmed that the only foods not included are raw or frozen foods (that require cooking) and alcohol (of course). This is not to say that you should be the annoying person who asks to try 20 things every time you shop there, but it means you should totally ask an employee to open up any new Trader Joe’s products you’re eyeing, like canned matcha tea or sweet sriracha bacon jerky. It’s not likely that your bill will be superhigh anyway, but this is another way to save money at Trader Joe’s, and honestly, it’s just another reason to love the store.

New Volkswagen concept van boasts panoramic roof for stargazing

It’s all controlled by an app

Volkswagen-the German automaker founded in 1937-is shaking up the camper and RV industry. Earlier in the year they debuted the I.D. Buzz, an autonomous, all-electric interpretation of the classic minibus that would go 270 miles on one charge. Now, they’ve announced the concept for an app-controlled California XXL camper that boasts a panoramic roof.

The sleek design takes RV comfort and combines it with adventure van perks, and auto experts say the California XXL is Volkswagen’s answer to converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Ford Transits, and Ram Promasters. Like the regular California camper van-which isn’t sold in the U.S.-the XXL includes a bed, kitchen, and living area. But extras include a pop-up roof for 7.2 feet of head room, heated floors, and all-wheel drive.

The retractable bathroom expands from just under four square feet to eight square feet and functions as a wet room with a sink, shower, and toilet. In the kitchen, a large counter top provides ample workspace, and you still get normal RV amenities like a sink, gas stove, a fridge, and even an espresso machine. One notable design element is the x-shaped burners that raise up for cooking and then lower to create a flush countertop when not in use.


The loft sleeping area sleeps two kids.

Another big difference is that the California XXL concept adds more space for a family; the high roof makes room for a two-kiddo sleeping loft about the front seats. Adults sleep in the rear on a 6.5 x 5.5-foot bed that can be both heated and cooled to maintain optimal sleeping temperatures. A digital projector-controlled by an app-above the bed lets you watch movies on the rear wall of the bathroom. The app also controls other onboard systems like lighting.

The best part just might be the panoramic roof that stretches almost the entire length of the camper and bathes the interior with plenty of natural light. Combined with the white panels, large windows, and the ambient lighting at night time, the California XXL is an airy retreat that appears much larger than other campers.


The interior of the camper at night, with the ambient light featured.

While the camper is still in the concept stages, it was on display at the Dsseldorf Caravan Salon in late August (check out some of the other cool RVs and campers from the show, here and here). There are no plans to bring the camper to market, and even if and when they do, there’s no guarantee that it will be sold in the United States.

But this sleek new Volkswagen camper provides plenty of innovation and there’s no doubt potential buyers would love that roof. Even if this VW camper never makes it to production, we’ll likely see at least some of these ideas incorporated into new vans in the future.


The design of the camper.


An aerial view of the rooftop.


The retractable wet bathroom.


The adult sleeping area in the rear of the camper.


The wet room bathroom with a sink that folds up.

FSY House / Remy Arquitectos

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

  • Architects: Remy Arquitectos
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Design Team: Andrs Remy, Julieta Rafel, Diego Siddi, Melisa Gazdik, Juan Etala, Sebastin Billone
  • Area: 550.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Alejandro Peral
  • Interior Design: MYOO: Gisela Colombo
  • Landscape: YDRA Paisaje

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

From the architect. The FSY house is located within a gated community on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, on a plot overlooking a small lagoon and a golf course. Designed for a couple that privileges the spaces of relaxation and reunion for when their children and grandchildren visit them.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

At pedestrian level, the front facade seduces with a set of concrete planes that fuses with the large panels of the gate and main door clad in Neolith, and a passive parasol system of micro perforated sheets that filters and gives privacy to the openings. We get to the entrance door after walking on travertine steps that contrast with the intense foliage of the plants that surround the path. The exterior wall covered in travertine accompanies us to the interior. In front of this, a wall covered from floor to ceiling in lapacho wood hides the doors to the guest bathroom and spa.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

Lower Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

The axis of circulation of the house is the large central space in double height. An exposed concrete wall, with a handmade cast, emerges from the reflection pool and disappears into the sky through the glazed roof. This meeting point of the house visually links all the rooms of the house. The reflection pool, coated in dark porfido, marks the bottom of the travertine ladder that floats on the water. Separated by a system of solid wooden jambs, the reflecting pool becomes the pool of the spa.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

The spa, realized in dark tones and exposed concrete walls, creates an atmosphere of relaxation that invites to enjoy the indoor pool. The spa communicates to the outside through a large glazed pivot door, which allows access to the gallery that extends from the side to the back of the house. Overlooking the garden, a double living, and formal dining room takes shape. All set with minimal furniture of the highest quality. The travertine marble floor extends to the outside, blurring the boundary between the inside and the outside.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

The kitchen and casual dining develops longitudinally to the ground and expands in the semi-covered barbecue separated from the main volume of the house. The quincho, like the rest of the house, was designed as a premier space. It stands out for its wooden ceiling that contrasts strongly with the volume of grill and kitchen in black slate. This space and infinity pool towards the lagoon form the space of relaxation for the guests of the house.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

On the upper floor, to the front, we have three bedrooms en suite for guests. Each one with different dimensions to accommodate both a couple or a couple with children. To the back of the building, taking advantage of the best visuals, the main suite and office spread.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

The office has a direct access from the main circulation. It develops in an L-shape, with a glazed roof sector that fills the place with light, to ensure good natural lighting throughout the day. In this room, the wooden floor is the negative of the exposed concrete ceiling, which copies the drawing of the wooden planks. The master suite consists of the sleeping space, dressing room, and bathroom. Each space was designed to be used independently, without disturbing other sectors.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

In the last level, accessible only through the elevator, there is an atelier with access to the terrace. The 360 views are the inspiration for the use of the studio. A home designed to entertain the family and enjoy with company. Working with a finely dosed pallet of materials linking lapacho wood, travertine marble, exposed concrete, and details of black granite and black slate.

 Alejandro Peral

Alejandro Peral

Soft and Fluffy Slime Sensory Seekers Will Love

Learn to make soft and fluffy slime that's perfect for sensory seekers!My kids are total sensory seekers, especially tactile sensory input. They are always touching anything they can get their hands on, particularly soft things. My older kiddo doesn’t like touching sticky things or slimy things, but she really likes anything soft. This slime recipe for soft and fluffy slime combines the best of traditional slime []

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Patio Dining Chairs. Comfy Seating for Eating Outdoors.

Warm summer season evenings are an excellent opportunity to enjoy dining outdoors. Any kind of patio could be properly organized to provide comfy dining for guests. There are many kinds of patio eating chairs and tables available, all to collaborate with any kind of exterior setup and style.

Patio area dining chairs can be constructed from a number of materials. They differ in degrees of style, price, and maintenance. Aluminum strap outdoor patio furnishings is a great selection for informal eating. It is cheaper and also upkeep is simple. Aluminum band patio furniture is best for pool side eating because of its water resistant top qualities.

If comfort is vital for an eating setup, light weight aluminum padding or wicker padding outdoor patio furniture are excellent selections. Both styles are very comfortable, and be available in a variety of chairs consisting of common dining chairs with armrests, shaking chairs, and also reclining chairs. Reclining chairs are excellent for relaxing after a wonderful meal and taking pleasure in the night. Upkeep for wicker patio furnishings chairs is extra intense compared to aluminum padding outdoor patio dining chairs. Wicker has to be treated and also covered during winter months. Wicker chairs are also normally a lot more costly than aluminum pillow patio chairs. In both designs, the cushions should be cleaned as well as dealt with for more significant stains.

Light weight aluminum sling patio area furniture is a great option for a sophisticated eating setup. Light weight aluminum frameworks are integrated with conventional components to excellent a charming standard dining room outdoors. Eating chairs can be found in a variety of colors to compliment any kind of outdoor theme also, whether it is a rustic, coastline, or modern motif.

All designs of patio area dining chairs are offered with working with table to complete the outdoor patio eating set. For an uncovered patio area, there are lots of choices for abu garcia reviews patio area umbrellas to provide cover for exterior eating. For a covered outdoor patio select something that could be enhanced with table linens, blossom arrangements, or any type of decorative concept.

Whatever the outside setting there are a range of choices to earn your outdoor living space prepared for dining. Picking the right outdoor patio eating chairs with the excellent patio area dining table will certainly provide endless nights of ideal amusing outdoors.

Spruce up Your Outdoors

Americans anywhere are investing even more time at home. As a result of this, they are trying to find creative means to broaden their present space by buying “exterior living-room.” Producing outside living locations can be an economical way to enhance both the beauty as well as performance of your yard and also residence, make more habitable room as well as increase the value of your home. Try the following basic suggestions to overhaul and expand your home:

Develop various rooms

We are used to having our homes divided into areas, but seldom take this strategy to our exterior spaces. Yet splitting up your backyard can actually assist to optimize your enjoyment of it. Consider the readily available area and assign one location for play, one for eating as well as mingling, and another for relaxing. After that decorate appropriately!

Concentrate on high quality

When starting any type of restoration project, make choices that will maintain as well as execute in the lasting. As an example, if you are constructing a deck, using Symmatrix™ ™ Composite Decking implies your deck will stand up to the components for many years without splitting, splitting or bending. And also it requires no sealing or staining, so maintaining it calls for little effort information on your component!

Establish the state of mind with color

Just as you would with an indoor area, you can utilize color to decorate outdoors. In fact, using color theory when selecting plants as well as blossom plans can affect the mood and also individuality of a space. For instance, while planet tones are suitable for a relaxation corner, intense colors like pink and also red are perfect in areas made use of for play. If you’re developing a patio or deck, choose a base shade that matches your home, yet allows for flexibility in design.

Get one of the most for your cash

You intend to enjoy your residence, yet you also intend to see it raise in value in time. So when it pertains to making huge choices, such as the enhancement of a deck or pool, study the buck worth that element will certainly bring. For example, according to Replacement Contractor, setting up a deck gives the second highest possible return on investment for homeowners-over 90 percent usually after the first year of setup.

Use your space!

Why limit the time you spend outdoors to the summer? Even in chillier environments, devices are readily available that can expand the use of your exterior area to various other seasons. Electric heating units, outdoor fireplaces as well as fire pits are accessories that will certainly maintain you warm through late autumn and also into early spring.